Laser sintering is the most versatile 3D printing technology and the one most used to build prototypes and functional components.
This technology does not require support structures and provides total freedom in terms of shapes and complexity of the parts.
Hundreds of small parts can be produced in a single machine cycle.


We use Nylon PA12 and PA12 glass-filled for parts requiring high stiffness and better heat resistance. Both materials are white.


  • Resin impregnation (sealing)
  • Colour impregnation (green, yellow, blue, red, black)
  • Tumbling (extra smoothing)
  • Aesthetic paint


  • Prototypes with mechanic characteristics similar to an injection-made object.
  • Short run productions of functional components including highly complex ones
  • Mechanisms integrated with the components with no need for assembly
  • Production of unique or completely customized parts
  • Production of extremely light parts using lattice structures.

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